Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Insta Rut?

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
IS social media makeup leaving you feeling uninspired? Makeup and Social Media go hand in hand today. Thousands of Beauty Influencers, Makeup Artist and every day people are posting about makeup, fashion and hair.  To be quite honest, I find myself looking at recycled recreations.  It pulls you in and you find yourself in the center of creating carbon copy crap! Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Instagram and all my Facebook makeup groups! However, most of the makeup we see is not practical for every day. Let's face it, many of the photos are professionally taken and altered with good lighting and retouches to display beautiful flawless skin with perfectly contoured face shapes.  What kind of message do these images send to the every day woman or the impressionable young girl?  Keep your lights and photo editors! It's a SET UP! Why? Because they are selling you a dream that does not transfer into our every day real lives! So what do you do ladies? How do we break away from the makeup overloads and EXTRA BEAT faces?

Why do we need to get back to thinking and developing our own creativity?  Think about it. All people want to be, feel and be seen as beautiful. There's no denying that! But your inner beauty should drive your creativity for your outer beauty.  Don't get sucked into the Insta Rut!   So here are a few tips to get your makeup mojo back in check!

1. Stay off Social Media for a while!
WHAT you say! Shut yo' mouth! Girl, yes! I said it. Boy Bye! I said it! Take a break.  When we are bombarded with the same visuals and trends, we tend to fall into questioning our psyche and the definition of beauty.  We all are beautiful with and without makeup!  Remember that.  If you are feeling the pressure of trying to keep up with IG beauty gurus - switch your focus and nix social media for a couple weeks.  Easier said than done right? I know.

2. Find inspiration in other aspects of life!
Use different moods, colors, real life scenery, a life situation, reading a good book,  music, dance or the fine arts as other mediums for inspiration! Find inspiration in God, the earth, moon and stars! Start spending more time in the real world.   Submerge yourself in the best of what your city has to offer! Explore a new place, like a museum or restaurant. Go to your park and take a walk.  Let's start getting inspired by our real world environments!

3. Ready, Set, Go! Just Play with your beat!
Plain ole' experimentation will inspire you to try new color combinations, product placement, techniques and will overall improve your makeup application skills. Your skill level will always improve due to new discoveries - period.

Photo Courtesy of Google Images - ItsMyRayeRaye
The YouTube makeup trend of Instagram Vs. Real life speaks directly to the idea that the majority of the makeup posted on social media is not an authentic and true representation of every day, practical, "real life" makeup.  Furthermore, visual media definitely has a negative impact on imagination according to  | .  Most young girls and women do not have the ability or experience to filter what's real and what is not.
In the makeup community, images are created and recreated, which lead to a multitude of visuals that establishes a false standard of how makeup should look.   Creativity comes from within. Let your mind work and explore uncharted territory that lies within you.  We have to find our center in everything we do - regroup, repurpose, get back to our purpose - makeup is no different.  Once you find that balance again, you then can have a different appreciation of those perfect social media images that we love to ❤!

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