Thursday, November 5, 2015

More Than a Trend: Strobing

Lisa Rose MUA of TMB Makeup Artistry, LLC
“More Than a Trend” are new makeup techniques that seem to be a fad or only here for the season, which in fact is not the case. “More Than a Trend” techniques really become a new arsenal to add to your makeup tool kit.  So today I want to touch on this trend that really grew legs summer of 2015. Strobing.  It’s been `the latest rage on the blogs, fashion magazines, YouTube makeup tutorials and even Good Morning America ran a segment.  I did some research myself and found that many of the tips and tricks are somewhat misleading.  This article will dispel some of those misleading truths and give you a brighter outlook on how to achieve this illuminating look.

MYTH 1: Strobing is the new way to contour.
Strobing doe not REPLACE the traditional contouring method to create shape of the face. A contour by definition is a line that defines or outlines the shape of something. In makeup, we use darker lines to create this facial definition and in essence reshaping the face. Strobing is almost the opposite. Shape is not “defined” as in contouring, but it attracts the eye to the high points of the face, thus creating the illusion of shape through illumination.

MYTH 2: Strobing is not for oily skin.
Illuminating products that lay on the surface of oily skin can indeed make the skin look greasy.  BUT, with preventative skin care, anyone with oily skin can achieve this illustrious look! Begin with oil free and or oil control  moisturizers. Add a layer of mattifying skin makeup primers and a mattifying foundation. Set everything with a powder to further control the oil.  You can use any combination of these suggestions for keeping oil at bay. Be sure to use powder illuminators and set with a mattifying makeup setting spray. Use a wedge sponge wrapped in one ply tissue to absorb any oils throughout your makeup wear.

FACTS: Skin that is not smooth, or skin with raised areas will not look good strobed. If you are experiencing breakouts on any high point on the face, don’t use the illuminator in that area. Shimmer increases the visibility of the uneven skin and can make the skin appear agitated.  Center of the forehead problem areas, illuminate right above the arch in your brow instead. If your cheek area is raised, then highlight the temples of the face and maybe the top of the apples of the cheek.

Lisa Rose MUA of TMB Makeup Artistry, LLC
There are options and ways to help everyone of all skin types to wear this look.  It is extremely flattering for formal makeup events and special occasions.  Strobing is especially radiant for summer looks as well. Most importantly, it can be worn year round and it is another tool to enhance your makeup look.  You can mix strobing and contouring OR you can strobe your face without the contouring. At the end of the day, it is a personal preference.  I would love to see your strobing looks! Find me on Instagram and Twitter @themakeupbaby13.  Tag me! Use the hashtag #TMBStobe so I can feature your looks on my IG and website!!!

Strobe Cheat Chart

Skin Type
Smooth Complexion
Raised (Acne Prone) Complexion
Cream and /or  Powder Illuminators
Cream or Powder Illuminators, strategically placed
Cream Illuminators
Cream illuminators, strategically placed.
Powder Illuminators
Powder Illuminators, strategically placed.
Cream and Powder illuminators, strategically placed.  
Cream and Powder illuminators, strategically placed.