Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hampton Roads Virgin Hair Vendor: Gems 4 Jewels - Review: Color, Install and Wearability

Courtesy of gems4jewelsvirginhair.com
Women everywhere want to look and feel beautiful every day.  Even still, more now than ever, we are bombarded with images on the television, magazines, internet and social media of what beautiful should look like.  I would like to think that we as a race of women have developed a level of self worth and confidence that we can filter through those images and want to be beautiful because it makes us feel good.  Just for our own personal gratification, no one else. And sure, if you see something on social media that you want to try, more and more companies are providing us with affordable high quality products to achieve any look we want! Gems 4 Jewels is no exception! Shine Bright Like a Diamond with Gems 4 Jewels Virgin Hair, owned and operated by Sonya T.   

I have purchased hair from Sonya a few times and each time, I have been pleased with the quality of the hair, her customer service, the prices, accessibility and just overall wonderful shopping experience.  This most recent purchase was no different.  I purchased a 14” lace front closure of Brazilian Straight and an 18” VBS weft to include with a previously purchased 16” and 12” previously purchased from another company.  So this review will be about the closure and one bundle -  how the hair took to color, how it curled and how it wore and lasted with daily manipulation.   
Here is an image of the closure before install. The density is very good.  Not too thick and not too thin. It measures as a 4” x 4” and that is pretty standard.  The lace extends so you can cut to match your hair line.  I like to cut mine very close and prefer not to glue it.   As you can see, I use the elastic band method and have the elastic sewn to the braids before the wefts are sewn on to the braids.  I experienced absolutely no shedding with this closure.  I wore for about 9 - 10 weeks approximately.  This closure is just as full as I originally purchased it. So this where my review is bit limited.  I’ve had very little experience with closures from different companies and have very little to compare it to; however, in my limited experiences, I have had bad closures that shed tremendously. So for about $85, $90 bucks, the quality is well worth the money. The closure is very versatile

I colored this hair 4 times. First to lift the dark brown to blond, then I used a rinse with a violet hue. I did not like the color payoff from the rinse and after one wash the hair was dull and lacked luster. Third time, I lifted the rinse and color again to fourthly, re-dye with a permanent vibrant purple that lasted a very long time. Undergoing these processes the hair did extremely well. There was minimal shedding, in fact even with styling, washing, curling and flat ironing, the hair held up extremely well.  

First Lift and Rinse

Fade after first wash
Fade after second wash
Re lift and re-dyed with Pravana

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