Wednesday, August 6, 2014

And Then There Were Six: A NYX FACE Awards Update!

Can you believe it?  Did your top picks make the top six? Before we even get into that, let me CONGRATULATE the TOP 6 FINALISTS in the NYX Fine Artistry of Cosmetic Elites Awards in my  TRUE,  “What up? What’s good? It’s ya girl, Lisa Rose aka themakeupbaby13” intro fashion HUNTY!  And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to check out a video or two, hint, wink. Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for the Top 6: @AlexFaction aka Alex Faction; @baileybeautyxo aka Bailey Vander Veen @adelainemorin aka COOK1EMONSTER; @erin_timony aka FreshBlush  @makeupbyamarie aka MakeupByAmarie and @simplykennedy_  aka FabulousInMaking. So let’s talk about the last round, some surprises, the who’s who of the Top 6 and the live final challenge! Read more inside for the scoop!

Aight, so let’s get to it. UGH Were you not totally shocked to find out AyeeDreamer didn’t make it???? MAN…. I mean, I was really rooting for her. I think her artistry is extraordinary. But, everything does happen for a reason. Unbenounced to us, but she is still destined for greatness - I have no idea why I feel this way… IF you go back to my original post for this year’s contest, Alex, Amarie and Cook1e were all picks to make it to the next round, and they remained as my fore runners as they demonstrated their artistry each round. Kudos.

Shockers… I was not expecting FreshBlush or FabulousInMaking to make it.  I didn’t think they were going to make Top 12. But good thing they did because the Broadway looks these two created were pretty good, I have to admit.  I think for FabulousInMaking, it was probably equally weighted, the creativity and Youtube subscriber, family/friend support that explains why she made it. I say this because her whole theme, the story behind the mask, how she tied into Phantom of the Opera. It was indeed creative.  BUT, can she beat a face? So that is my question for this next round. CAN YOU BEATS A FACE??? YAAASSSS! Cook1e has the advantage. She’s been to Top 6 guys!!!! This is nothing new for her… she’s probably more nervous this time around… she shouldn’t be. I wonder.  

Last year, I was so wrong. I just knew that MadeYewLook aka Lex was going to win based off her theatrical makeup. Missy Lynn stole the damn show and did this beautiful gold (if I remember correctly) look. I mean she stole the show; the judges loved her.  Lex spent so much time on that damn arm… she really didn’t do any face makeup on her model by the time the clock was up.. again, if I can remember correctly.  Needless to say, I am a little apprehensive to pick a winner because in a contest style, application on a model can get dicey. LOL. It really can! I hope they stream it live like last year.  What sucks this year is that if they do stream it live, the contest is on a Friday with no announced time as of yet (8.5.22).

What happens next? Finalists will meet with a professional team of models, stylists, and videographers to put together a video short for the live show event during the week of August 16th. They will get a theme and have to come up with a look to execute for the actual contest and apply makeup onto a model.  Each contestant will be judged on:

Composition – abstract thinking, unified presentation, balance and flow
Technique – creative use of products and tools, exhibits finesse and style
Innovation – thinks outside of the box, creates avant-garde looks, unique
Kinetic – dynamic, spirited, fresh impact, strong personality
Illuminative – articulate, well spoken, educative, good tutorials

Winner gets $25,000 cash and prizes that value over $1500!!!  My top pick for the contest comes between Bailey and Alex.  I am so partial to Alex though… it’s really tough. I wish everyone the best of luck! Give it your all, have fun, and enjoy this experience! Your fans are rooting, cheering and will anxiously wait to see all the vlogs of your experience.   This is only the beginning kids. Enjoy the ride!

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