Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Colorful {BUT WEARABLE} Spring / Summer Makeup

Summer is finally here! I mean, she’s been here already unannounced – so why wait for the big announcement to start rocking some of the hottest colors? But not just your clothes, rock out some cool eye shadow and lip combos that will have you turning heads every where you go! Keep on reading to see how you can get this colorful, bold, but very wearable makeup look!

Inspiration Alley – Before you read how I created this look, I want to share with you my inspiration for the color choices. Pantone, LLC is the company responsible for providing the color palette for every season and a color matching system used for a variety of industries. From graphics and art to plastics, Pantone offers custom color services to corporate management, art directors, automotive, pharmaceutical and of course, beauty and fashion.  Every season, I create several looks with the Pantone color palette.  As a makeup artist in the beginning stages of my career, I use these Pantone opportunities as color theory lessons for myself.   So now you know why I chose the colors; I will also try to include my decisions for color placement.  This look focuses on four colors from the spring summer 2014 report:

Radiant Orchid
Celosia Orange
Palacio Blue

Step 1: Always begin your makeup routine with a good cleansing, toning and moisturizing regiment. 

Step 2:  For colorful eye shadow looks, it is best practice to start with the eye makeup first, clean up fall out, apply foundations and concealers/correctors or under eye highlight, set with powder then finish the under eye makeup.  Fall out can be heavier if you’re a beginner or if you have darker skin tones because you are working hard to get that color on the eye.  So, frame the eyebrows for step two, then begin to prime your eyelids with a primer to prevent creasing and a white base to help the colors appear better. Blend to create a smooth surface.

Step 3: Begin with the “Celosia” orange shade (matte). Place this color below the brow bone and above the crease.  Using circular and windshield wiper motions keep this color on the outer 2/3rds of the eye.  You always want the deeper color on the lid, since I knew I wanted purple shade there, orange

Step 4: Place the transition shade.  Transition means to change, shift or move; the transition color In this case, pick a mid tone deep (matte) mauve color, which is a warm tone because it falls right in between orange and purple on the color wheel. Place this shade right below the orange, in the crease of the eye, right above the lid space.
is used as a go-between the colors above and below the crease.  For colorful looks, pick a shade that’s a good blend of the two colors.

Step 5:  IF you do not have a single e/s that is close to the “Hemlock” inspired shade, then build one. Use a lime, bright green shade first, then layer a light, sky blue on top. Use a small detailing brush to create an inner “V” that extends up onto the inner third of the lid and down to the water line.  The inner corner highlight does not ALWAYS have to be a shimmery finish, but one that is light in color to attract lighting to the eye. We know that shimmer finishes reflect light differently than a matte shadow, but any “tinted” hue is essentially lighter than the true color because a tint is adding white to a color.  Unlike the terminology of “tints” in regards to windows, in color theory this term has a different meaning.  

Step 6:  Add the “Radiant Orchid” inspired purple shade (shimmer) on to the remaining space on the lid.  Gently place right underneath the transition shade, slightly over lapping.  If you over lap too much go back in with the transition color to bring the gradient effect back to the look.

Step 7: Finishing Touches: Spruce up the look by adding a slight dimension of depth by adding a black or dark blue or purple shadow on the outer “V.”  Connect the inner “V” color to the entire eye by blending upward to the head of the brow.  Add mascara to top lashes, winged liner (optional depending on eye shape), and lashes.

Step 8: Line below the water line with a purple e/l.  Set the liner with a combination of colors (light, sky blue, shimmer purple) to get something close to the “Palacio” blue inspired color.  Then add black eyeliner or shadow to the water line to intensify the look. Add mascara to bottom lashes.

Lips: Prep and prime lips. Line and fill in with a fuchsia pink shade and add a matte pink lip color.

As always, I hope you have learned something and don’t be afraid to rock these colors! Remember, inner beauty is your TRUE foundation!  Makeup does not make you!!!

Want a complete list of the products I used?  Check it out!

Product List
M.A.C Paintpot in Painterly
Rimmel London Kohl Eyeliner in Pure White
BH Cosmetics 1st Edition 120 Color Palette
Urban Decay 24/7 e/l pencil in Ransom
OCC Lip Tar Matte in Clear
LA Girl Endless, Semi permanent auto lip liner in 336 Pink Parfait
OCC Lip Tar Matte in Yaoi