Monday, June 2, 2014

NYX Face Awards 2014 Who’s Who and Why

On the eve of the past two summers, NYX Cosmetics hosted the annual F.A.C.E, Fine Artistry of Cosmetic Elites, Awards. Guess what kids? It's that time of year again. Now these contestants are and pretty much have to be YouTube Beauty Vloggers because they are competing for Beauty Vlogger of the Year as well as a measly $25,000 and so many other opportunities.  As a fellow beauty vlogger and makeup artist, I truly enjoy covering this event.  I was an avid viewer when Charisma Star won the first year, and quickly jumped on coving the event last year when Missy Lynn won, which indeed surprised me.  Both previous winners are extremely talented and most certainly deserving of the title and prize. 

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This year, the contest is even more exciting with NEW blood. Some are professional and Freelance makeup artists, while others are simply beauty and makeup enthusiasts who do it for the sake of YouTube.  They all are EXTEMELY talented.  However, I would be remised if I did not keep it all the way real with you about this contest.  LAST YEAR, I remember a contestant, who did not make it to the top 30, but entered, that shared the idea that the selection of the top 30 was “rigged.” Rigged you say? How? The selection criteria was posted… video skills, information skills, creativity… the basics.  But according to this contestant, only YouTubers that had a certain number of subscribers were selected… basically she was accusing the selecting panel of only choosing YouTubers who had a high number of subscribers. Now this was neither confirmed nor denied, so there is no proof!!!
With that being said, the FACE Awards seems to be a celebratory event, highlighting the power and versatility of NYX cosmetics in conjunction with the right talent to showcase this cosmetics line. 

As I go through some of my predications for the Top 20, I will also include subscriber and some background info.  You decide if the selection panel was biased or fair…. Judging for this first round – Pop Star Icon or Album Cover – is over today, June 2… Stay tuned to check out the results, compare with my predictions and let’s buckle up for the round 2 challenge!

LETS BEGIN with the contestants who actually made to top 6, 20 and 30 last year and are back this year!

Christina Rose – Ms. Rose did not make it past the first round last year so hopefully her rendition of Nicki Minaj’s Roman Reloaded album cover takes her to round two.  The truth of the matter is, you do have to have a strong subscriber base to make it in this competition.  At the same time, many of us are subscribed to MANY beauty vloggers.  Christian has about 43, 700 subbies. My hope is that people really vote because of talent, editing and how well they are able to communicate how to recreate the look.  Out of the three Roman Reloaded looks, I like Christina’s the best. Her editing skills are bananas and her makeup skills are pretty solid. If she makes it to the top 6, which I doubt, I think she may have a problem creating a look on someone else….

Getting Ready – This young lady made it the Top 20 last year.  BUT, I would NOT be surprised if she didn’t make it with her version of the Katie Perry look inspired from the music video California Gurls. Her look lacked the main ingredient of the eye look, GLITTER! Getting Pretty has 56, 800 subbies. Her editing lacked luster and was just ok to me.

COOK1EMONSTER – She made it to the Top 6 last year so I think the beauty community is kind of rooting for her.  She has cute bubbly personality (like almost all of the contestants have).  She will have to out do herself and this year’s talent.  I think this might be the year where majority are MUAs… so this will be hard.  Of course Cook1e has a whopping 283,700 subbies, who by the way, has THE most in this competition.


Bisola Spice – With less than 200 subscribers, Bisola is definitely the underdog in that respect.  With no subbies, how do you get the most votes?  Again, those who follow this competition closely, I implore you to truly vote based upon creativity, talent, video editing and the ability to clearly communicate the steps… Bisola is talented, but not quite sure she will make it to the second challenge round. When I checked out her channel, I said, ok there is hope for us yet! I just like her. Her editing skills, her story telling and her cheeks drew me in!! Her contest entry video was dynamic.  Her Grace Jones was just all right. BUT I love her choice to do Grace Jones.  I really want her to make it to round 2!


I am not going to predict all 20…. Hell naw. BUT I am going to throw out a couple of names who I think should make it to Top 20 (in no particular order)! My choices are not only based on Round 1 Challenge, but their videos and YouTube presence as a whole. 

  1. Ayee Dreamer – Less than 40,000 subbies. Ok, if you are not subscribed to her channel, you are missing out.  I think I have a huge girl crush on Ayee (I have no idea what her real name is). She is a cutie. She exudes this sexy swagger in everything she does from the way she speaks, laughs and sings… yes. She is an amazing singer.  Love her. I hope she makes it to Top 6 actually.
  2. Alex Faction – Less than 7,000 subbies.  Super adorable. I had never heard of Alex until this competition. So if anything, the NYX FACE Awards will put your channel on the map.  Maybe. Hopefully. He does a lot of costume, character makeup. It will be interesting to see him do beauty looks if a challenge ever calls for one.
  3. Courtney Little MUA - About 10,00 subbies. This lady is awesome. She has her own cosmetics line, her talent is amazing. Courtney is mostly known for theatrical/ costume makeup.  So I am pretty sure she can do beauty looks.
  4. MyraTouchOfGlam - About 18,000 subbies.  Young girl about 19. Joined YouTube in 2012.. her subscription rate is bananas.
  5. Adriana Luna - About 41,000 subbies.  Now, she is not as polished in makeup artistry as the others, but she definitely gives good face. Her EDITING is BONKERS.  I love the energy she brings to her videos.  Her Left Eye video was very good. Ms. Luna likes to use the green screen a lot in her videos so she can literally transport you to where ever she wants her viewer to be.
  6. MakeupByAmarie - About 104,000 subbies.  Talented, period.
  7. Bisola Spice - You already know!
  8. COOK1EMONSTER - You already know!
  9. Makeup Edge - About 6,500 subbies.  I love how this woman thinks! BUT I did not really like her Alicia Keys look.  I do like the fact that she chose her... but I think her makeup could have been a bit smokier, a bit more golden with a glow. However, I do think she deserves to go to the next round.
  10. Jaz Jackson - About 64,000 subbies.  Now Jaz is very talented. She chose a Nicki Manaj look, but it was the only Pink Friday look.  So we shall see.  I loved her video. I think she will make it to the next round.
  11. Denean Dale - About 2,000 subbies.  SOOOO under rated. Her makeup is dope. Another MUA, BUT I mean, if I see another damn sugar skull, I will scream.  But shorty is mad talented (lol my real voice came out for a minute, lol).
I cannot stress enough how much I love this competition! I wish all the Top 30 contestants good luck!