Monday, March 31, 2014

The Skin I'm In: Transform Your Foundation

The best thing you can do for your skin when on break out mode is to simply NOT wear any makeup.  Treat the skin to address the breakout.  Depending on your life and busy schedules, that may not always be an option.  Sometimes, we experience breakouts at the most visible times in our lives - meaning the times when our face has to be visible.  This post is for those times in our lives when we have to make appearances, we have to be photogenic, we have to have even skin tones and we just want to look and feel like we are ready to face the world! Keep reading to discover how you can make your foundations work for you!

  1. Start With A Clean Face.  Understand when I say "clean face," I mean no traces of dirt whatsoever.   
  2. Prepare The Skin. Prep The Breakouts. This is where you tone and moisturize the face.  For more information on skin prep, read this post How To Prep The Skin Before Makeup.  Your skin is now moisturized. Good. But now you have to treat the breakout.  It's ok to use more than one acne treatment.  I use about three: a spot treatment and 2 acne creams.  Skin and breakout prep can be combined and treated in one swoop.  I place the spot treatments directly onto my skin after I use my witch hazel as an astringent.   Next, I use an acne moisturizer from Mary Kay all over my face. 
  3. Mix Your Acne Cream Into Your Foundation.  Use the back of your clean hand or mix in a small container. Your choice. A clean container might work better because you reduce the amount of oils from your fingers getting into the mixture.  I always use the back of my hand out of convenience. Using a 1:1 ratio - for every one pump of foundation, I use one pump of my Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer.  I apply with a foundation brush - flat, pointed or angled only in the break out areas and where it is needed most. I try not to apply foundation all over my face - but in a few key areas and blending the excess out to evenly cover the face.  This eliminates cake face. Set foundation with a powder of your choice. I highly recommend using a mineral loose powder on break out mode.  
From here, you can apply blush, bronzer, highlight, or any thing you want to your face.  With the foundation being transformed, you have already created this layer that will help retard new breakouts and will help heal existing breakouts.  At the end of the day or event prep the skin for bed by removing makeup, washing and exfoliating your face and using your nighttime creams or moisturizers.

Need A Visual?

I would love to hear how you treat your skin and wear makeup when experiencing breakouts!