Sunday, March 9, 2014

Beauty and Makeup Spring Swing!

Daylights Saving Time has sprung! Do you know what this means? It’s the Spring Swing baby! We transition with the season by mixing our seasonal wardrobes and updating our spring beauty trends. When the weather begins to warm up give your winter products a break and spring back into that warm weather beauty routine! Along with freshening your skin care regimen for the changing weather to come, I also listed some of my favorite trends from the new season to incorporate into your stylish days ahead.

Revamping Skincare

Use a lighter moisturizer. In the warmer months, we will perspire more; the skin needs to breath under these conditions. Particularly in more humid climates. If you live out west where the air tends to be more dry, then use a moisturizer that is little heavier but not a cream or serum.
Exfoliate. Maintain. Exfoliating helps your skin to shed dead cells so new ones have room to do its thang. With the warmer weather adding extra oils to the skin, it can clog pores and increase breakouts. Exfoliating will help to keep the skin balanced. You may want to use something with finer, smaller scrub particles.
Use mattifying primers. Primers fill in the gaps on our skin making it a smooth canvas for applying makeup. Mattifying primers smooth and retard moisture or perspiration. Wear with or
without makeup – perfect for the summer too!
Increase SPF. UV rays are stronger in the summer (depending on where you live in the world; UV rays could also be high during winter months in some areas). SPF protection comes in many beauty products from moisturizers, tinted moisturizers, to primers, concealers and foundations. If you’re going to spend a lot of time outdoors, this is essential in protecting your skin!
Use blot papers when wearing makeup. The blotting motion itself is best when absorbing excess oils and sweat while not disturbing makeup too much. But blot papers are designed to absorb oils and not move makeup like a tissue will, even when using the blotting motion.
Use tinted moisturizers OR powder foundation with concealer for coverage. Liquid and cream foundation can be a bit heavy for every day use in the warmer months. If you need coverage, however, tinted moisturizers and concealer combos can be quite impressive. If you have very oily skin, use the concealer powder combo. Set concealer with a translucent powder then, lightly apply powder foundation to the T-zone area and blend out.
Use waterproof products.

Swing Into Spring Beauty Trends

I’ve discovered that fashion and beauty trends really hang around for at least 2 seasons. So if you didn’t catch the trend the first time around, no worries. But after this season, you may not see these trends again for a very long time. Before you go and buy any thing new, take an inventory of your collection to see what you already have and what you need.

Winged liner. This trend became hot last year with the focus on shades of turquoise. This season, go all out with any colored winged liner, glitter or your basic black. This trend is universal because it ‘s fun and flirty with a short wing and super sexy with a long and wider wing! Check the tutorial below on how to achieve the fun and flirty look!
Bold hues on the eyes and lips. Bold shadow shades of blue, green, yellow and orange will especially be hot this season. Hot pinks, bright orange lips will be all the rage again. I love orange eyes and lips; it really makes a bold statement.
Glowing skin. It is so hard to call this a spring beauty trend because I honestly love glowing skin year round. I try to stay away from it somewhat during the winter months. But I can’t help it. Adding shimmery highlights to the face is everything!!!

Colored Winged Liner

Glowing Skin Makeup Tutorial