Wednesday, March 26, 2014

1st Impressions: Shea Moisture Cosmetics Review

Shea Moisture Cosmetics Product Launch
@Target in @Peninsulatwnctr
Hampton, VA
Are you following me on Instagram? If not, you missed my post about the new makeup line from Shea Moisture! Why the excitement? For those who are familiar with this brand’s hair and skin products, there is a great anticipation and expectation for the quality of ingredients Shea Moisture is synonymous with.  For a full review on some of the makeup products, continue reading! Great product pics inside!

Shea Moisture is a fairly new product line, about a few years old.  Based on its location on the shelves in the stores, one would say Shea Moisture was particularly geared to people of African decent with naturally curly hair. Misconception. Yes, they have several products that help manage tresses with varying curl patterns, but they just don’t focus on curly.  Shea Moisture prides its self on natural ingredients. Every Target store has an awesome Shea Moisture display in the hair and beauty aisles.  Just recently, Shea Moisture posted a picture on their Instagram (@SheaMoisture4U) announcing the arrival of a new cosmetics line.  I did not see this post until I saw the display in Target – thus the motivation for my post!   Since entering this makeup and beauty industry, any product that includes more natural ingredients, intrigues me. As we get older, the preservation of healthy, youthful skin becomes more prevalent in our lives. Health and beauty products that use natural ingredients contribute to this goal. 

I was able to pick up a few products because the display was not fully stocked.  Again, this review is based upon what was available. I picked up:
  • ·      4 eye shadows
  • ·      1 CC cream
  • ·      1 pressed powder

The Eye Shadow – Create Your Own Palette Insert

From left to right: Cecilia, Casandra, Taylor, and Claudia

Shea Moisture offers several beautiful and rich color options. From what I could tell, they are packaged as individual pans for inserting into a compact, which is sold separately. Now, customizable palettes are cool for people who really wear eye color. So I see this being a real benefit or attraction to someone who loves to play with eye shadow.  

Behind each eye shadow pan, the name of the shade is printed along with some numbers. The pan already comes magnetized, which is a plus when using universal palettes. A 0.10 oz pan size is fairly large, much larger than a standard eyeshadow pan, usually 0.06 oz. Each shadow is about $5, which is also a competitive price for most pots of the smaller size. You really get a lot of product for the price. The ingredients are pretty standard makeup, health and beauty products like mica, glycol, sodium benzoate, etc. BUT it is paraben and talc free and noncomedogenic or won't clog pores. 

Shown in the photo above are both dry and wet swatches . The top row is dry and the bottom row was moistened with water.  Cecelia is a matte bone shade, very smooth, only a couple of passes are needed to pick up the rich color.  Casandra is a shimmery pink shade with a golden undertone. Because the pan sizes are large, you can sweep this shade across the high points on the face for a gorgeous highlight on medium to deep skin tones.  Taylor is a pale navy shade with a shimmer finish.  This color payoff was very faint. I tried to swipe my brush across the shadow a few more times, picking up more color to transfer and it just failed. And it very well could have been just this particular pan because even Claudia, the matte brown, picked up like the other shades. It did seem strange to me that a deep blue would come across so light.  Color payoff was definitely better when the shadow was moistened. 

The CC Cream - SPF 15 Sunscreen

Shade is Medium

I have yet to try a CC cream until now.  So I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this product. The consistency was very creamy and some what thick much like a cream foundation.  The highlights of this product are to prime, moisturize, brighten, soothe, cover and of course, color correct that will "instantly neutralize redness and imperfections for a naturally-flawless look."  It is also hypo-allergenic, formulated for all skin types, won't clog pores and is silicone and paraben free. About $15.

So far, I have worn this product once.  This shade is a little bit darker than my face and neck - but coupled with the pressed powder below, the two colors balanced out quite nicely.  I only wore one layer; I did not build up over my dark spots.  It did cover my redness beautifully.  I applied it to the face with a foundation brush then blended it out with a blending sponge.  Although it primes, I did use a primer - force of habit. It lasted my entire 8 hour work day with no skin irritations.  

The Pressed Powder  – Create Your Own Palette Insert

Yala Golden
Personally, I absolutely love the idea of using these powders to create a custom contour palette for my makeup artist kit. Similar to the eye shadow pans, the inserts are magnetized. The pressed powder absorbs oils to produce a shine-free finish.  It's infused with shea butter to nourish the skin and is talc and paraben free, and non clogging. About $13.

Be on the look out for a demo and review video! Shea Moisture is only launching in select Targets.  Follow me on instagram @themakeupbaby13 for updates.  If you have tried some of these products, leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

UPDATE: Check out my demo and review.  I go in depth and discuss how to find your correct match with this color system, how to use the product if you do happen to pick the incorrect shade, and I purchased two more products, the Lip / Cheek Balm and the Lip Stain. I review and demo these two products as well.