Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Anti-Valentine: Why I Do Not Celebrate Valentine’s Day

I wasn’t always a conspiracy theorist. Only after studying sociology in college and yes, getting a degree in the field most certainly opened my eyes to what drives this democratic, capitalistic society in which we live.  Valentine’s day is no exception. First of all, it’s not a holiday if we don’t get a day off from work! I have to laugh at myself because I am dead ass serious. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, MLK Day, and the list goes on, are “holidays,” not Valentines day. It’s bad enough that businesses wait for these holidays during the fiscal quarters to project estimated sales and earnings. Again, Valentine’s Day is no exception.  So no, I do not want a man, or woman, to buy me anything in the name of this day. If they do, I would not be rude and NOT accept, but it has never been an expectation for me for a very long time now. 

What people are celebrating and honoring on this day should be a daily thing.  If you love and care for someone and is thinking about him or her, decided to pick something up because of it, then do it because you want to. Don’t do it because this day dictates you have to materialistically show me how much you care.   We are sold a dream by the “Powers that Be.” And let’s be clear, if you celebrate V-day, it’s cool.  I am not here to tell you not to celebrate your love on this day; I’m just explaining why I don’t. It’s moneymaking plan. Period. A day to increase projected earning.  AND my hypothesis was confirmed after reading this article from In “The Dark Origins Of Valentine's Day,” written by Arnie Seipel in 2011, he stated that Hallmark Cards started printing Valentine Day cards in 1913 and  “Today, the holiday is big business: According to market research firm IBIS World, Valentine's Day sales reached $17.6 billion last year; this year's sales are expected to total $18.6 billion.”  Imagine the numbers for Christmas.  ‘Chile please, I can go on and on and on about this…

We have a responsibility to educate the next generation. Gratification should come from knowing you have made someone happy by doing the right thing…sometimes a gift can do that. But, it doesn’t have to be a material purchased item all the time. Oh, and I know what you are going to say, “It’s the thought that counts, Lisa Rose!” “Chile please! This is a cliché that justifies this materialistic frenzy the “Powers that Be” want you to employ.  Don’t get caught up in the hype. Show your care and love daily!  

Now, for those who cannot live without doing it big on this day, here are some makeup ideas to enhance your beauty and make you feel special. Enjoy your bullshit ass holiday! LOL. 

Written with LOVE,
Lisa Rose

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