Thursday, January 30, 2014

How To Apply Glitter and Shimmer Eyeshadows

TMB Makeup Artistry, LLC
If you have the basics down and know what to apply the glitter or shimmer shadows with, the next step is to apply it to the eye. When applying glitter be mindful of the following: (1) make sure it sticks; (2) it lasts long; (3) there's little to no fall out while wearing and (4) neat handling while working with the glitter.  Read how to apply glitter with little mess and ultimate product pay off!

These steps are for the basic application of glitter to the lid.  You most definitely can place glitter in a variety of ways on the eye.  Get comfortable with applying it, seeing how it wears, etc. Then when you are more comfortable with handling the product, get crazy creative!

Step 1: Prepare the eye for makeup by applying a long wearing, non creasing eyeshadow primer.  If the primer is a cream base, allow product to dry before applying shadows. Using an additional base such as cream eyeshadow is optional, depending on the desired look and or skin tone.

Step 2: Apply your eyeshadow. The lid color should compliment the glitter. Any color or finish and any degree or level of contouring of the eye is your choice.  For example, a smokey eye look will require a darker intensity on the area of the eye that will get "smoked out." In contrast, the smoked out area should outline the glitter area of the eye.  Glitter or shimmer shadows are best placed on the lid, slightly above the crease for a hooded eyelid or for socket defined eyes, meeting at the top of the crease

For glitter, prep the lid first. If using glitter adhesive, apply it first with a synthetic brush, or the adhesive applicator.  Take that same synthetic brush and dip into the glitter, dust of excess, then pat evenly across the eye. Again, keep building trying to minimize gaps in the glitter.

Step 3: For intense shimmer shadow, gather the product onto a synthetic brush, spritz with water, a fixing spray or makeup setting spray.  Then pat the product onto the lid. Keep building until you reach your desired intensity.  Blend out the edges with a transitional matte shadow of your choice.

Step 3a: Ok listen, say you want to get creative, you can also add a darker glitter color in the outter V portion of the eye, like so.

Step 4: Clean up any glitter that is on your face, under the eye or around the nose.

Step 5: Use your crease shadow shade and begin blending around the edges of the glitter to merge the glitter color with the transition colors already laid.  Apply liner, mascara and or eyelashes and Voila!

Watch it in action! 

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