Thursday, August 8, 2013

Celeb-spiration: Iggy Azalea "Work" Makeup Inspired Tutorial

Celebrity Inspired Makeup Looks

I didn't know this artist until I saw a Power 105 FM, a NYC radio station, interview on YouTube. Found out she was signed to Grand Hustle, from Australia; she seemed to have a pretty good work ethic and a good understanding of the music business.  You know, I appreciate that in people. When someone is able to articulate and effectively explain what their business entails is a turn on. It's a desirable trait in business - if you are on the up and up, you don't want to conduct business with someone that just fell off the turnip truck, per se.   What she said in her interview made me want to listen to her music and watch her videos.  I did not like everything I heard and saw, but I applaud her effort, her talent and her drive.  In her "Work" video, there is a scene where her makeup is a vamped up natural look with a bright pink pout.  Immediately, I downloaded pics and began... "work, work, work, work, working on my shit!"  Read more inside to see my interpretation of this look.

Get Iggy's Look!

  1. Begin with a clean, moisturized and primed face.  
  2. I almost always fill in my eyebrows before I apply any other makeup products, but you can fill yours in at any stage of your makeup application. Watch my eyebrow tutorial here.
  3. Prime your eyelids with a eyeshadow primer. Almost every makeup brand makes one these days. I used M.A.C's Paintpot in Painterly as a e/s primer/base.
  4. Take an orange shade shadow (M.A.C's Orange) and place it on an angled brush. Dampen
    the shadow on the brush with either a makeup spray such as e.l.f Mist and Set or a M.A.C's Fix +. Other brands such as Nyx, Urban Decay, Model in a Bottle, Graftobian, Face Atelier, just to name a few, make makeup setting / fixing sprays. Setting / Fixing sprays intensifies color and helps the shadow to last longer.  Use this shade to carve out the cut crease that will eventually develop more depth with the layering of colors.  This shape will vary depending on the eye shape you're working with.  I have an almond shaped eye; my ideal shape is an oval or very sharp V.  Use a skin tone transition shade on a blending brush and blend out the edges of the orange shadow.  I used Face Atelier Cafe Au Lait. 
  5. Take a warm toned light brown shade of e/s and add a layer to the orange shadow. Using the same angled brush, lightly deepen the crease. Blend out with a blending brush.
  6. Continue adding layers of color. Next add a medium shade brown eyeshadow with the angled brush and blend out with the blending brush.   Use a color similar to UD's Buck.  Repeat this step with a deeper brown shade, something similar to M.A.C's Embark. Again, blend with a blending brush.  You can pick up a little more medium brown to blend out the deep brown shade. 
  7. Now is a good time to add the brow highlight shade.  Using NYX's Nude, which is vanilla pigment with a satin finish, and a small flat smudge brush, apply this color from the arch of the brow and down to the cut crease.  Be sure to take your skin tone shadow and blend between the brow highlight and the cut crease.
  8. Apply the Cafe Au Lait as the lid shade.  To accommodate your skin tone, make sure the lid color is 1 or 2 shades lighter than your skin tone.   At this point, the eye is pretty much done.  Just continue to blend all the shades so they transition smoothly.
  9. Add your inner corner highlight.  I used Costal Scent's Caramel Ice.  Find a shimmery shade that is a pearl or champagne hue. 
  10. Waterline - Take a nude toned kohl eyeliner pencil and line the water line.  Rimmel London has an excellent one.  Click HERE to read the review and see swatches.
  11. Wing out the liner slightly. Add mascara, waterproof of course, and lashes if you would like.  A new favorite eyeliner is the NYX The Curve Liner in Jet Black.  
  12. Line the tight line.  Be mindful that eyeliner products that go on the water and tight line should be kohl or kajal liners.  Regular formula eyeliners are more suited for above or below lashes. For this look, I did use a regular formula eyeliner - NYX Eye/ Eyebrow Pencil in 901 Black
  13. Apply mascara and I used ANOTHER NYX product, yes I did.  The Le Chick Flick waterproof mascara
  14. Add lashes!!!!!!! I used lashes from my local beauty supply store.  Stardel Lash in SF 507. LOVE. 
  15. Under the eye, take a medium brown eyeliner and draw a line right underneath the lashes.  Then take a small eye detailing brush, smudge out the liner and set the liner with the deep brown shade used earlier.  
  16. Contour and highlight the face. Now add your blush.  I choose a warm, red-brown shade by NYX called Cocoa.  Add the highlight. Sleek's Contour Kit in Medium
  17. Lips are bright pink, matte and looks very stained.  So take a lip liner pencil first, something like BH Cosmetics Raspberry and line your entire lip.  Next, layer the lips with a matte lip cream. NYX has a gorgeous one in Addis Ababa, which is a bright fuchsia. Then,
    add a layer of WNW matte lipstick in 966 Don't Blink Pink.  Why the layering? - To get the shade that was closest to Iggy's.  Now blot the lips by pressing them together onto a tissue and reapply the matte lipstick. This is to achieve the same finish as Iggy's lipstick.
Here is the finished look.  I hope you will have fun creating this look!  If you would like to see a tutorial, check me out on YouTube. A video will be posted for your viewing pleasure.  Kisses to all my Makeup Babies!!! 
TMB Makeup Artistry, LLC
Lisa Rose MUA

TMB Makeup Artistry, LLC
Lisa Rose MUA 
TMB Makeup Artistry, LLC
Lisa Rose MUA