Thursday, July 18, 2013

YouTube Beauty Diaries: NYX Face Awards 2013: From 20 to 12 to 6

In my last post, NYX Face Awards: Top 20 Announced!, I said that this round would be the most exciting yet! And I was right! The point of this challenge is for the Youtube Beauty Bloggers/ Makeup Artist to stretch their imaginations and create looks that exude superpowers!!! Find out who is the best of the best when you read more inside!

The Top 20

Who where the heavy hitters from the top 20? In my opinion, they were Made Yew Look, Start2FinishMUA, and MakeupByLeinaBaaaby and here's why.  Let's start with Lex, Made Yew Look - I think Lex is really going to win the whole contest, hands down. She chose a villain look.  For starters, her background was an awesome attempt at recreating an evil lair. A lair with flair - I just made that up!!! The computer screens in the background were creatively used to highlight the product used for each step of the makeup application. The story line was just as creative - if you haven't watched it, it's a must.  Lex took her production to the next level with this look.

Missy Lynn aka Start2FinishMUA also had a great intro for her villain look.  But, I was disappointed with the production because she was back in that damn loft of hers.  It would have been cool to see her do the tutorial in that "cave" type setting she used for the intro and be in character when applying the makeup look.  And that's my only critique, so with that being said her video is all about the makeup and it was creative and awesome.  I was really pleased to see Missy really stretch the imagination and create an original look. Kudos girl!

MakeupByLeinaBaaby won me over because I am huge X-Men fan, so her look was also stellar.  Mystique is a hell of a feat and she conquered it effortlessly. My only critique for Leina was not incorporating varying shades of blue to create more depth and dimension to the face.  She incorporated FX makeup and primarily used one NYX product.  Although the products she used were few and simple, it created a very complex look.  Her makeup knowledge is admirable.

Honorable Mentions go out to MsRoshPosh,  LovingLaurenX, LiquidLinerLover and VegasNay.

The Top 12

As you can see, the top 12 was really a no brainer.  Based on who has made it to the Top 12, you can definitely tell that the viewer / voters really did choose based upon the production and look and not based on popularity.  I have been critiquing the ladies videos from day 1 of this contest and I most certainly understand why these ladies made it.

The top 12 had to create a futuristic look and when you view the videos of the Top 6, you will see why they received the most votes. 

And Your Top 6 Are...

Good luck ladies!  The entire YouTube Beauty Community are proud and are rooting for you all!!!! Just a word to the wise, MadeYewLook is a force to be reckoned with so get ready!!!!! 
I wish I could fly out to the final even in LA and report from the actual event!!!!  Stay tuned for the final winner to be announced!!!! Visit to stay on top of this major announcement!!!! When Lex wins, remember, you heard it FIRST HERE!!!!