Friday, June 21, 2013

YouTube Beauty Diaries: NYX Face Awards Top 20 Announced

HOLD your hats ladies, the top 20 Fine Artistry of Cosmetic Elites have been announced!!! Congratulations contestants! 

So what does this mean? What's next? Who didn't make it? Who should you look out for? And who has been the most slept on MUA?? Find out all the answers plus more when you read the full article!!!

                                                                                                           * xxmakeupiscoolxx is covered*

After this round, the cuts get even slimmer. Youtubers, makeup enthusiasts  makeup artist and fashionistas, get ready for the best round yet - The Superhero!!! The videos should be posted sometime today, if you haven't seen them yet.  But before we start making predictions of who will make it the next round, let's break down round 1.

Who Didn't Make It?
The reason why your favorite guru needs your vote.  Those who didn't advance were: 

1. makemeblush02
2. bbeautymarked
3. Christina Rose
4. IamJustaMakeupLover
5. Marina Her
6. Dork 911
7. BabamitsAnne
8. FierceFeline Chic
9. thefancyfaced
10. Sara Potts

I have to admit, all the videos were pretty darn good. Congrats to these contestants for making it this far into the competition.  At the end of the day, it is about how widespread your YouTube channel is because the one with the most votes will continue onto the next round.  In my opinion, I think the people got it wrong with bbeautymarked.  I did ask myself, "Why is she talking like that?" Despite that weird 20's era accent, her makeup should have progressed her to the next round.  She was definitely slept on.

Who Should You Look Out For In The Next Round?
On to the nitty gritty.  Madeyewlook is a force to be reckoned with!!!!! My money says she will win the entire shaboing-boing. Lex is a beast - period.  I am excited to see what MsRoshPosh, MakeupByLeinaBaaaby, start2finishmua aka Missy Lynn (since she is "rebranding" herself back to her) have to bring to the table.  Bottom line. Madeyewlook, "...and like it!" The most slept on - COOK1EMONSTER and krazyrayray. Check 'em out.

This superhero round will be awesome; it will definitely separate the women from the girls, the makeup artist from the makeup enthusiast. The videos are posted here: Top 20 - NYXFACEAWARDS - Superhero