Wednesday, May 15, 2013

YouTube Beauty Diaries: NYX Face Awards 2013

Ever since Charismastar won the 2012 NYX Face Awards and showed YouTube her journey, YT has been all a buzz with video entries now that this years competition is open!

Who are you going to vote for??? Find out more inside!

Go the the NYX Face Awards site and you will learn exactly why this contest exists: to reward the growing and vast beauty vlogger community on YT.  Which is freaking awesome.  This contest is not for the amateur or faint of hearts. You have to stretch your imagination and WERK some makeup hunty!!!

The contest determines the best makeup artist of the year, if you will.  The entry round winners are determined by the video tutorials that are the most "liked." So under the video, click the "thumbs up" button to vote for that person.  The top 30 will be entered into the official contest, which is comprised of several rounds.  Each round has a different theme, videos are posted and the viewers vote. 

Who should you vote for? By default, if you are an avid YT viewer than more then likely you will vote for your favorite as opposed to someone who meets the voting criteria.  To be fair and objective, you should vote for the person who exceeds the voting criteria.  What is this criteria I speak of?
Every video should be mad informative and explain what you are doing and why.  It is not so much about the products you use because if you make it to the top 30,  NYX will provide all the makeup products for the upcoming rounds. 

IF you want to enter, you better hurry up because the longer you wait the less time you have for people to vote for your video!!!! The grand prize is $25,000!!!! To all the contest entries, good luck!

Today is the last day to enter - 5/15/13!!!!!!!!

More info on this contest:

Up Next: YouTube Beauty Diaries will bring you WHO to vote for and when voting is over!!!