Sunday, May 19, 2013

YouTube Beauty Diaries: Who to Vote For in the NYX Face Awards 2013


You have to be yourself.  IT seems like everyone is trying to attempt Charis' style of videos with the theme, wardrobe, voice overs and the whole "set" set up, which is admirable. It is a logical train of thought. When someone wins at something, it is expected to follow that same path if looking for the same win.  On the flip side of the coin, it is also logical to have a greater expectation for the next generation of contestants. But and however, this year's contestants are extremely "iffy" if you know what I mean.  I have yet to see the complete
package from any one video. Ok, ok maybe there
are one or two, maybe.  Find out inside!!!

To fairly evaluate these video, based upon the judging criteria in my opinion, it was difficult to narrow down the best of the best. Either the production was excellent and the makeup was sub-par to just average. Or it was the opposite; the makeup is sooo good, but the damn production took away from the outstanding makeup.  There are at least 10 pages of contest entries with 20 vids per page; I did not view every single entry. There are so many more great videos to watch and vote for in addition to the ones I am highlighting here. I am only showcasing the videos I saw that deserved more views and likes for their artistry then they had already received. This post is not promoting the idea that these are the best contest entries.  Let me be clear. The videos I selected to watch were based upon the thumbnails and titles; they enticed me to view.

Below are the videos that I liked and thought you should like them too.  Some of these videos are not getting enough exposure and it is my goal to help these girls out and broaden their views.  Good luck to all the contestants and I look forward to keeping up with this contest, giving you all the updates and breaking down the pros and cons of each round!!!!  I am also excited to see if any of these ladies mentioned will make it to the top 30!

Mandy Rita Tardif - Why I Like The Video: Mandy looks like she could be my age (35) or a little older, no shade, who is fairly new to makeup like myself.  The colorful makeup was purposefully thought out. I thought the choice of rainbow colors symbolized unity and tied in with her intro about everyone being beautiful. Not sure why she chose the V shape in her look, though. There was nothing outstanding about the production and the makeup was pretty average. I liked Mandy's enthusaism and her attempt to showcase a non typical beauty look.

BeautyNerdCentral - Why I Like The Video: Ms. Nerd here has good production quality for an entry video. She used what she had and gave her look a story - The Phoenix. Rising from the ashes. Dark. Bright makeup.  She deserves a real chance. I would like to see what else she could bring to the table if chosen. 

tinaaXtina - Why I Like The Video: Her makeup is out of this world, to say the least. I mean it truly looks like a galaxy. But agin, the production quality is non existent.  If she had put in an extra umph added a little ambiance and a back story she would no doubt turn heads.  But her makeup deserves a chance.

Jade Hughes - Why I Like The Video: - her artistry is freaking amazing. Like really, super amazing.  I didn't go through her channel to see if she does beauty makeup as well. But this skeleton was created with so much detailing it pretty freaking awesome. But and again, the production is basic, which really makes the video normal.

GDiipa - Why I Like The Video: - Her production is outstanding, makeup - outstanding.  Hot. Hot. Hot. Period. Ninja.

It is amazing how much value I do place on the production aspect of a video because it really does make the difference between a good, great or an outstanding video.  The makeup skill has to be there, but I think this contest lends itself to having a wide range of makeup entusiasts / makeup artists of varying level of experience - which really is the appeal of this competition.  My ass is not ready really to compete in something like this!! But, I wish noting but the best of luck to all! ~MUAH!~