Thursday, May 23, 2013

YouTube Beauty Diaries: NYX Face Awards Top 30 Announced

Say What? The top 30 have been announced???  Hold up, hold up.  I feel so damn cheated.  Ok, let me back up.  I was under the impression that entry videos had to get "likes" on their videos and those with the most likes would move on to the top 30!!! But that was completely and utterly wrong and  I apologize to anyone for any misleading or non verified information.  If you want the low down scoop, then read more inside to find out how this contest really works and what to look for when voting for your top makeup looks!

When you go to website the rules and regulations are posted and very clear.  The top 30 were selected by a panel of judges.  Nyx website states,

"First Challenge - Selection of 30 Eligible Entrants for Next Round

Of all eligible entrants, thirty (30) entrants will be selected by a panel of judges determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion to be able to move on to the next challenges in the contest. The following are the criteria that will be applied by the judges:
  • 20% Creativity of the look
  • 20% Presentation/Educational value of the tutorial
  • 20% Artistry in makeup application
  • 20% Quality of the video production
  • 20% Influence within Youtube voters (via ‘likes’)
These 30 entries will be published on the contest Web page at on May 24, 2013, along with each entrant’s name and city. The 30 selected entrants will be notified by email or phone, using information provided on the entry form.
All decisions of the judges are final and binding. These 30 entrants selected after the first challenge must participate in three (3) more video challenges, as described below, for a chance to be one of six finalists participating in the final contest in Los Angeles, California."

I felt cheated.  For those who loved watching this contest last year, would agree that we wanted to see the entire body of work- from beginning to end!  From all the contest entry videos that were tagged as entry videos, I do not recall seeing any of those names on the top 30 list.  BUT, I digress. I immediatly recognized many names on the top 30 list so my excitement resumed.  Like, it's about to go down!!!! There are so many talened MUA's, beauty gurus that made it into the contest. It's almost like the playoffs right now.  Who is going to take out who???? Now that the top 30 have been named, the first round challenge is "Vintage" makeup from the Roaring 20's to the Raging 60's I cannot wait to see how well these contestants put their looks and videos together!!!! I am supper excited!  I am not biased.  And neither should you!  Be fair. I have favorites, but I will choose based on the criteria mentioned above.  I hope my faves pull this sucka out huntay!

Here are the top 30 contestants! 

Who are my faves???  I watch these women regularly!!!


THIS IS SO EXCITING! Good luck to all the #bblogers who made it!!!! UH - MAH - GAH!!!