Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spring / Summer Bridal Makeup: Choosing A Makeup Artist

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life! The photographs keep the moment timeless; therefore, you want timeless beauty for you and your bridesmaids: classic, chic, and enhanced natural beauty.  Of course, this is all a matter of preference, so no matter what you are looking for, I have some makeup artist tips that will help guide you in either applying your own makeup, or what to look for when selecting a makeup artist.

Selecting A Makeup Artist.
The truth of the matter is there are more makeup artist in your area than you think.  Let's begin with the most obvious.

Department Store Beauty Counter Consultants - These ladies and gentlemen are knowledgeable about the brand they represent and know those products in and out.  BCC more than likely have been trained no only from OTJ experience, but they may have been trained by lead makeup artist within that company.  Each counter, department store has their own system of gaining an MUA.  Some work freelance; you go the store for a consult and they will travel to you on your wedding day.

Full-Service Beauty Salon - A TRUE full-service salon will have makeup artists.  Many of which got their start at a makeup counter, or who received training from a makeup or cosmetology school.

Glam Squad - Most major cities have glam squads (a traveling service comprised of hair, makeup and stylists). They could be affiliated with either of the options above, you have to really do your research.  This option may be a little bit more difficult to find, but they do exist!!!

Photographers -  Many photographers work with makeup artists for photo shoots   Ask your photographer if he/she recommends anyone.  They would know their work best, how it photographs and the strengths and weaknesses of an MUA.  A personal referral source is always ideal because they have experience working with the makeup artist.

Makeup School Students - Granted, there aren't that many "makeup schools" per se, but they do exist. Similarly, cosmetology students learn about makeup application as well. This option may be great for someone on a budget and needs a professional look at the fraction of the cost.  But the rule is the same when looking for any makeup artist: check their work and have a consultation - period.

Internet: Social Media, Gig Salad, Thumbtack or Google Search - I know this sounds a little bit skeptical - but you will be surprised at the number of legitimate advertisements when pursuing this option. Here you will find a range of talented to not so talented makeup artist.  And again, check their work and have a consultation - period.  Facebook and Instagram are excellent avenues when looking for a makeup artist. The benefit is most of his or her work is displayed on their timelines/pages.  If you like the work, you can inquire about pricing and find an artist that suits your needs.

Word Of Mouth - An excellent way to find a makeup artist is to ask someone you know who they used for their wedding.  I actually like this option the best! *Wink*

What To Look For in a Makeup Artist.  Someone who knows what the hell they are doing! No matter if they have worked on 3 people or 30 - it is logical to conclude that one who has had very little experience will not know as much as one who has more.  This is true, but there are exceptions to the rule, that is why you have to give every makeup artist the same playing field.  Know what to look for will help you determine if they are good - no matter the "experience."

  1. Comfortability - a good makeup artist is comfortable applying makeup, it's what they love to do so it makes them happy.  Your makeup artist should move around you, know how to position your head or face, and know how to verbally direct you so they can apply with ease. 
  2. Excellent Listener - often times, the bride already has an idea of the type of look she is going for, knows her skin type and knows what products work best for her.  A good makeup artist will listen and know how to execute the desired look.
  3. Knowledgeable - other times, the bride has no idea what they want, may know what they don't want - but definitely, do not KNOW what they want.  So the makeup artist has to know what questions to ask to get the necessary information about your look.  Skin type, allergies, wedding colors, and more.
  4. Skillful - your makeup artist must have the skills and talents to accentuate your facial features, minimize others when necessary and have the skill to transform and enhance your natural beauty.
  5. Personable - a fun-loving and cheerful makeup artist that puts you at ease and is easy to get along with is always a plus. 

DIY - Wedding on a Budget - Beauty Bragger - The only two reasons why someone would want to do her own makeup is because she is either on a budget or she is bad ass with the brush and wants to show out! She could be both!!! Whoever you are, no worries.  Follow these quick tips to get yourself photo ready!

Makeup By Lisa Rose MUA
TMB Makeup 
  1. Even Skin Tone - More than likely, your skin tone has changed a few shades darker, redder or more golden tones; no matter the shade, make sure the foundation matches your neck.  I recommend a medium coverage foundation.  If you need something lighter, you can always sheer it out.  If you require more coverage you can apply thin layers and build. It is up to yu and your skin needs to use SPF or not. If you are outdoors, your moisturizers should have SPF protection, but your foundation does not.  Using this combo will neutralize any flashback from flash photography. 
  2. Skin Prep - If you're dry use a moisturizing lotion and primer. Oily skin, use an oil control lotion and mattifying primer. You can also work on leveling the amount of oil your skin produces before your big day. Here is a good skin care article to give you tips on how to do just that! For combo skin, use an oil control lotion and a moisturizing primer.  If you have dark marks or redness, use a corrective concealer before you apply foundation.  Be sure to blend it out well. Let foundation sit on corrective spots then apply another thin layer to even the skin tone. 
  3. Shadow and Blush Color - be sure to select hues that are flattering and will complement your eyes, skin tone and not clash with wedding colors.  Natural hues such as golds, soft browns, taupes, pearls and soft pinks are always classic winners.  Blush shades should resemble your natural cheek flush tone. 
  4. Research and Practice - go to YouTube and watch tutorials on basic foundation and eyeshadow makeup application and practice ever so often before your wedding day.  
  5. Healthy Practices - this could be a good time to change your eating habits, drink more water and stick with the facial products that have never steered you wrong.  Don't go changing up products weeks before your big day!
Other Important Tips
  • Wedding makeup should be of medium coverage that looks like flawless skin.  It may appear heavy in person, but in photography, it will appear very natural.
  • Take pictures of your trial run outside to see how it will photograph
  • Enjoy getting dolled up in anticipation for the bid day.  The several trial runs become super fun and you will feel like a celebrity!