Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Youtube Beauty Diaries: Will the REAL Celebrity Makeup Artist Stand Up?

Ok, so Youtube has become the mecca of vlogging.  More and more businesses, entertainers, atheletes, musicians, dancers, singers, etc are establishing and maintinging their channels.  For those that stumbled across this blog, you probably do not know that I am a YT vlogger as well.  Themakeupbaby13 is my name and of course makeup and beauty are my thangs!!  Just like a reality series, you are able to keep up with folks and continue to network via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and now Keek.

Here's the makeup scoop y'all...

Around March of this year, YT Guru BEATFACEHONEY reached out to her subscribers to blow Brandy Norwood up and to basically petition to Brandy that the young MUA had a dream to do the makeup of one of her favorite singers. Cool huh? Well it was super cool and amazing. Read her inspirational story and experience here: BeatFaceHoney Mega Story

So it was reported that Ms. Tytiana Ward was hired as Brandy's new makeup artist right.. ok so as
all the hype from that died down, Kelly Rowland's new video "Kisses Down Low" came on the scene. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it here:Kisses Down Low Official Video

Once the video dropped damn near all the Guru's posted inspired looks from the video.  The orginal creator of these looks is celebrity makeup artist, Sheika Daley.  Now I follow damn near errybody on Twitter and half of errybody on Instagram... but I was going throug some tweets and I saw that Ms. Brady had a performance in Japan and who was doing her makeup????? It wasn't Tytiana.  It was Sheika.


So you be the judge. Whose makeup look looked better on Brandy? Who do you think Brandy liked the most? Leave a comment bellow - #TEAMBEAT or #TEAMOSHE

Tytiana Ward (@BEATFACEHONEY)            


(I am not sure if this is Sheika above...)

Everyone in life should strive to the best he or she can be.  This is accomplished through work, opportunity and God (to say the least).  It is my goal to be at a level of artistry as Ms. Ward and I am pretty sure Ms. Ward strives to be on the level of Ms. Daley and others on that caliber.

To BEATFACEHONEY and OFFICALSHEIKS: I admire your work and have much respect for your artistry.  You both are deserving artists who will continue to go far in this field.  I may not be on ya heals, but I am definitely walking down your path.

As I was doing some picture searching, what else did I find and update on Tytiana and Brandy.  This new video thing called Keek.  Brandy gave BFH an awesome shout out. Check that out here: http://www.keek.com/beatfacehoney#4js4bab

OK BUT why didn't Tatyana go to Japan?  If you find out, leave a comment below!

*Photos are from Google Images*