Saturday, December 8, 2012

Makeup For Mommies - Everyday Makeup

I titled this post "Makeup For Mommies- Everyday Makeup" because as a new single mom,  I don't really have the time (I would normally take) to beat my face.  I want to look polished; I want to look like I am wearing makeup - but not over done.  So how do you accomplish that?  What do you accentuate and what part of the routine do you not do?  For me, it's all about the eyes because I wear prescription glasses mostly throughout the day.  This routine takes no more than 22 - 30 minutes. 

2 - 5 minutes: For this look I started out by moisturizing and priming my face.  These steps can NEVER be skipped!!!

4 - 6 minutes: Next is the face coverage.  For everyday wear, I use the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream.  It's not intended to be a full coverage makeup; it gives your face an illuminated glow.  If you want a little more coverage add concealer and set with powder.  I just set with powder.

6- 8 minutes: Third is the eyebrow.  I do not have full eyebrows, just wasn't born with them. This is a step that can be altered however.  If you are like me the fill-em-in-and-conceal, this step can be adjusted by lightly filling in the brow and not using concealer.

5 minutes: Eyes - prime the eye, use a single skin tone color and line your eyes with liner.  This is the heart of the look for me.  I wear glasses so I line the water line and smudge a shadow on top.  Add mascara.  For some, mascara may all your face really needs. But to look done, but not overly done, add more drama to the eye!

3 minutes - Conceal under the eye and set with powder.

2 minutes - Add blush or bronzer, but no contour!  To mimic a contoured face - use a deeper blush shade and concentrate the color mostly at the height of the cheekbone and less near the actual cheek.  I like to make sure the color does not go past the apples of the cheek.

I hope you find this helpful!!!! Visit my YouTube Channel for a tutorial on this look!!!