Sunday, December 9, 2012

Interviewing For A MUA Gig

I'm super excited (a phrase I often use!!!) about the interview I had this past Friday.  Well, let me start from the beginning.   I have an ad posted on Craigs List - Norfolk, VA to drum up business for my MUA business: Maquillage By Lisa Rose.  After I finished re-posting my ad, I decided to see who was looking for makeup artist and what were some of the credentials one must possess to interview.  I found a couple, but most wanted MUA's to have formal training with some form of certificate of course completion.  Then I found one that did not require, but it would be a bonus to have.  The post required an applicant to have a portfolio, resume and any certificates if one had them.  So, I made up a resume - Googled a template, drafted one and emailed it on over.  This was Friday, November 30, 2012.  By Monday I had a response to come in for an informal interview that Friday!!! Yikes!!! I had to make a portfolio!!! Wait a minute! My portfolio is so lacking!!!! Although I have all the work I have done on anyone hosted on my online look book, I felt as though I should only print the BEST work. That turned out to be only three looks!!! I then began making face charts, which also was something I needed to do for a possible photo shoot coming up (keep me in your prayers!!!)  Needless to say, I went to that interview. AND,  I was offered a contract to work as a freelance MUA with Glamourdollz in Norfolk VA!!!! Woop, Woop!!!!

This is the face that helped me land the gig!!! I will say, I was very punctual, very professional and my face was BBEEAAATTTT!!!! 

1. Moisturize and Prime the face - preps skin for makeup and helps it to last all day - long wear.

2. Prep eyebrows by using a eyeshadow primer on them then brush through the brows, fill them in with your choice of pencil, powder or cream based products.  Clean up the lines using concealer - two to three shades lighter than your skin tone.  It will also act as a highlight.

3.  Prep eyelid with primer for long wear and to prevent creasing. 

4. Using a blending brush begin with transition color and place right below brow bone.  Sweep left to right across entire eye.  Add a second shade a bit darker than transition color, but much lighter than the smokey eye color.  Soft brown or a suede type brown. Place this color right below the transition color and sweep color on in the same manner as the transition.  This mid tone color will create the gradient effect for this look.  Finally, place the darker brown color just on the outer third of the eye.  Take a clean blending brush and blend the darker color toward the inner part of the eye to blend out the darker color by dragging it across the eye - lightly. 

5.  Add your highlight color and blend down into transition color.  Now keep repeating step 4 until you achieve the desired smokey-ness to your eye. 

6.  Use a damp angled eyeliner brush and a black matte shadow and line your eye, trace out your wing and place on the tightline (the fleshy part under the lashes on your eyelid).  This is how I prep my eye for eyelashes.

7.  Apply lashes. Conceal band with liquid liner of choice and add mascara to your natural lashes to blend,

8. Apply foundation and conceal blemishes.

9.  Highlight under eye using concealer shade two shades lighter than skin tone, down the bridge of the nose and in between the eyebrows, the dip in the top of the lip and the chin. 

10.  Contour the face by using concealer two shades darker than skin tone.  Tilt head toward light until the natural shadow appears on the face in the cheek area (starting near the ear). Place the contour there.  Contour the sides of the nose and add contour near the hair line. 

11. Spray Fix+ all over the face.

12. Using a very damp beauty blending sponge (got mine from CVS),  blend the highlights and contours.

13.  Set contours and highlights with powder - highlight (Banana) and contour shade (ELF, Sleek, MAC's Blunt, dark eyeshadow).  These powders should be matte!

14. Apply blush in the shade you desire.  I went with a dramatic deep purple.

15.  Add the lip of choice. I went with a nude with hint of pink tones.