Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why YouTube? Why Not?

Can anyone be a video blogger (vlogger)? I don't see why not.  It's the same approach to anything else.  Yes you can!!! But, should you?  Vlogging is NOT for everybody.  I have a dear personal friend in the beauty and makeup industry and he is absolutely against the use of YouTube to share tips and tricks.  I do, however, understand where he is coming from.  As a stylist, he has developed his own personal techniques for weaving, styling, etc and does not want his techniques available to the "world."  I get that. 

As a general consumer, do you find YouTube useful in product research?  For me it is a godsend, especially for drugstore make up.  If I can get a couple of reviews of a product and depending on my interest level, these factors will sway me in whether or not I choose to purchase a product.  In general, YouTube is an excellent forum for almost any conversation.

As an educator, I use YouTube as a resource for instruction. The amount of educational videos is astounding!! Over all YouTube gets an "A" from me! And this brings me to the heart of this post -my purpose on YT.

As a newbie to beauty blogging, vlogging and makeup artistry, I use YT as a video portfolio, if you will.  I enjoy adding to the conversation of makeup and beauty - but I also like to watch old videos, watch my progress, critique myself, and I look for others to encourage and constructively critique my techniques, knowledge and understanding.  The platform is ideal to broadcast to the world.  Once I come into my own, I believe and have faith that people will WANT to hear what I have to say and SEE how I work.

To all my potential clients, check out my Vlogs here: Why Another Beauty Channel Parts I, II and III.