Friday, August 17, 2012

Eck! Like, Let's Clean This Face Already!

Moisturizing and using a good primer keeps your makeup lasting all day - but before you go to bed, removing the makeup should be just as important.  Now, I know, I know, especially for us single moms - sometimes we are so beat that we forget to remove our makeup, wash and moisturize our faces before we pass out.  I'm here to tell you, every once and a while is not going to cause a major crazy reaction in your skin... However, establishing a nightly routine and sticking to it regulrarly will help in reducing break outs, keeping skin soft and supple, and will overall improve your skin.

If you see a dermatologist, follow your doctor's orders and make sure the products I am getting ready to talk about are safe for you to use. 

What are the main products on the market?  Eye removing liquids, cleansing cloths and makeup removing creams.  I would stay away from using makeup removing soaps for heavy eye makeup.


Great way to gently remove eye makeup.  Here's the trick: (1) Wet your cotton pad / ball. (2) Press and hold for 30 seconds. (3) Softly wipe the eye. (4) Repeat step 3 until all traces of makeup are removed.

These are my favorites.  I like the Mary Kay because it breaks the makeup down really quickly and leaves a light oily residue compared to other products that actually leave a residue.  The Rimmel is the better drug store brand because it leaves no residue, but it takes a long time to break the makeup down.  It does not irritate the eye if you use too much.


Makeup removing cloths work very well for all over face makeup - foundation, blush, and lipstick.  It can remove eye makeup, but not very well because the cloths are not soft enough for the eyes.  I suggest only using them to remove any remaining eye makeup - a secondary resources versus a primary resource.  Just about every makeup brand that carries skin care products manufactures a makeup removing cloth - from MAC to Dollar Store products.  Tip: Use cloth after removing eye makeup.


Makeup removing creams are oil based, period.  They work extremely well for waterproof makeup but are also extremely messy!!! During my undergraduate years and in high school,  I acted in several plays and played various characters from old to young to magical.  In high school, I played the "Tin-Man" in the Wiz - my face was completely covered in silver face paint - the only thing that worked to remove all that makeup was good ole' petroleum or what you know to be Vaseline (which is the brand, not the substance).  Petrolatum (the true form) breaks the product down so it can be wiped away.  You have to immediately wash your face a few times to ensure no traces of any product residue.  Be very careful with the eyes as well.  The creams will lay on the eyes if you don't carefully wipe all product away. The only thing better than petroleum jelly is TheBalm's Balms Away Makeup Remover!!!! This product is absolutely AWESOME!!!!

It contains additional vitamins and healthy stuff for your face.  TheBalm is particularly good about that with their products. 

My Faves Rated On a Scale from 1-5; 5 being the BEST...

1. Rimmel Eye Makeup Remover    - 3.5 because you have to press longer than other liquids.
2. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes / Cleansing Cloths - 5 because it removes it all and cleanses at the same time.
3. The Balms Balms Away - 5 because it is not greasy, removes all traces of makeup and it's good to use on your skin.

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