Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Performance Eye Kit Dupe

Oh-Ma-Ga! I am super excited to share my first dupe post!  I made a video on YouTube showing the  brushes found on Crown Brush's Website that are similar to the brushes in the Sigma Performance Eye Kit.  Here is the break down:

This is the Sigma set sold for $55.

  1. Waterline Brush
  2. Eyeliner Brush
  3. Smudge Brush
  4. Tightline Brush
  5. Crease Shader Brush
  6. Blending Brush
  7. Lid Shader Brush
  8. Inner Corner Brush

Here is the Crown Brush Dupe Set:


  1.  Flat Line Definer, C432, Synthetic, $3.99
  2. Taklon Detail, S250-1, Synthetic, $1.45
  3. Mini Chisel, C123, Natural, $1.65 OR Small Chisel Fluff, C210, Natural, $2.29
  4. Flat Taklon Liner, S150SH-4, Synthetic, $1.65
  5. Bullet Crease, C321, Natural, $2.19
  6. Deluxe Crease, C317, Natural, $2.49
  7. Small Round Contour, C149, Natural,  $1.71
  8. Mini Contour, C148, Natural, $1.36 - This brush is not shown in the YouTube Video 
 Total amount of these brushes are around $16.50!!!!!

 If you have never ordered from Crown Brush, here is the website:

Crown Brush US

 Some Things to Know:

1. Minimum purchase amount is $19
2. Shipping Rate is $7

The least amount you will spend including shipping is around $25!!!!  

UPDATE (2013): You can use my Sigma Discount Code and get 10% off the Sigma Performance Eye Kit and if you want duplicates of similar brushes at a lower price point but of the same quality then you can order from Crown Brush.  I believe CrownBrushUS has changed their minimum purchase amount from $19 to $25.  For MUA's they have great prices on everything from brushes, disposables and makeup!