Thursday, February 16, 2012

How To: Clean Up Your Eyebrows

The first step to any look is having clean eye brows. So what does this mean?  There are ways to make your brows more defined, look very clean - like they've just been waxed, threaded, etc.  It's called eye brow makeup!!! So what products are right for you and your brows?

Let's start from minimum to maximum makeup.

Here is an eye brow pencil - Maybelline's Define A Brow.  This product is sleek and slender; it is designed for fine lines, small short strokes to fill in the areas that are lacking hair.  For some, this is all one needs.

A powder (eye shadow or from an eye brow kit) is used just like a pencil, to fill in the areas that have minimal to no hair.  I use the powder over the pencil so it lasts longer (good wearability).  I use MAC's Brown Down.  I have dark brown hair (it almost looks black) so a brown is a good shade for me.  The rule of thumb is to go one shade lighter than your natural brow color.  The cream kit - Sonia Kashuk is a great product to build a shade that fits you.  Use either the shadow or the cream - but not both.  They cancel each other out. (Trust me, I've tired it!)

Clear and Tinted Eye Brow Gel - OK, this is the heavy hitter stuff!!!! Clear gel works well with light to little to no hair.  Tinted gels work better for fuller brows that need taming.  I have used the tinted gel, but I don't get a good result because I lack hair on the ends.  The clear gel lays what little hair I have down and keeps it in place pretty much all day.

Now, now, now there are more products out there, but for a beginner, these products are more than enough and are suitable for a wide range of eye brow variations.

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