Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Endeavors...

One of the greatest challenges in life is adjusting to change or transitions.  At times, it is the best thing that happens to us, or the worst.  No matter the circumstance, there is beauty in all of it!  That is one of the great successes in life - finding the beauty in any and all situations. 

Finding beauty is a beautiful thing!!! There are a plethora of benefits from finding the beauty in a situation.  It gives us peace of mind and prevents us from stressing over the things we can not control.  That alone is a huge benefit - stress can literally make one physically ill.  It gives us the opportunity to explore and focus on the factors that are beautiful so we can enhance that aspect of the situation.  Focus on what is beautiful in the situation, it will overall help our outlook, improve how we approach and handle a situation and it can relieve stress.

The beauty within is not always easy to find, but once it is found, it is easy to focus on.

New Endeavors: Find the beauty and move forward - full steam ahead!!!

SO, how does this relate to make up??? I'm glad I asked!!! LOL.  I am an educator in a public school; I love what I do, but this year I am not so keen on some of the decisions the administrators of the district have made.  Since I have had my baby (he's 10 months), I have been into make up - heavily.  So much I have set a goal for myself and have this desire to become a make up artist.  Thus my new endeavor.  I had to look at my situation and stay positive - but also move forward.  Although I love molding and inspiring the youth, I also have a passion to bring out the inner beauty in women and young girls.  As I embark on this journey - to become knowledgeable in the field, produce stellar work and make a name for myself as one of the top contenders, I must remain grounded, find the beauty in the work and to remain focused on my goal.

Just remember, whatever new endeavor you begin - stay positive, observe and learn before you take action.  And when you take action - make sure it is purposefully thought out and thoroughly executed. Don't be afraid to take risks either... big gambles sometimes have huge payoffs!!!

Bonne Chance!