Thursday, November 17, 2011

Clubbing Make Up

I posted a read along tutorial today featuring a club or night time look and I have some reflective thoughts on my video.

1. Club make up, like anything else, is entirely up to p.  The desired look can be simple and clean (less is more) or you can go for a dramatic smokey maybe throw in some bold color.  It really doesn't matter.  Pick your look based on how you're feeling; base it on the outfit (preferred) or base it on both.  Whatever you decide it is cool. Just rock your look with confidence!

2. Make sure your look is flawless.  Even as  beginner, I strive for a professional look.  I am no where near professional status in application but my efforts and goals reak (sp?) of it.  If my look doesn't meet my standards it's cool because I am comfortable with my abilities, confident in myself and realize that with time and practice I can only get better. 

3. My last point... No matter what keep experimenting.  With makeup you have to. It is trial and error. In the end you will appreciate your efforts!

Final Thoughts

Beauty comes from within. So move in that spirit and everything you create will also be just as beautiful!