Tuesday, May 23, 2017

April Client Feature: #TMBMakeup #TMBBeat #TMBBeauties #LisaRoseMUA757

Use any of the hastags in the title to find more or my images on my social media sites!  My goal is to feature at least one client per month and list the products I used to achieve the look.  All products are linked in this post for you to find. Let's jump in!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Insta Rut?

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
IS social media makeup leaving you feeling uninspired? Makeup and Social Media go hand in hand today. Thousands of Beauty Influencers, Makeup Artist and every day people are posting about makeup, fashion and hair.  To be quite honest, I find myself looking at recycled recreations.  It pulls you in and you find yourself in the center of creating carbon copy crap! Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Instagram and all my Facebook makeup groups! However, most of the makeup we see is not practical for every day. Let's face it, many of the photos are professionally taken and altered with good lighting and retouches to display beautiful flawless skin with perfectly contoured face shapes.  What kind of message do these images send to the every day woman or the impressionable young girl?  Keep your lights and photo editors! It's a SET UP! Why? Because they are selling you a dream that does not transfer into our every day real lives! So what do you do ladies? How do we break away from the makeup overloads and EXTRA BEAT faces?

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

TMB Makeup Artistry, Makeup Specialty

Welcome to my website! I specialize in beautiful skin, natural looking makeup with a glam twist!  Visit my service and portfolio pages to see pricing and other photos of my work! For real time and up dated pictures, visit me on Instagram: instagram.com/themakeupbaby13. Follow me on Snap Chat @themakeupbaby13 and of course my Facebook Page: facebook.com/TMBMakeup 

Let me service your beauty needs! Remember, inner beauty is your TRUE foundation! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

MOTD: Autumn Strobe Fall 2015

Makeup Of The Day: Autumn Strobe, Fall 2015

My last article / post was on the strobing technique as new staple in the makeup industry, which really has a glorious enhancing effect when done properly.   Since this technique has gained a stunning audience and has become so popular, almost every makeup company and subsidiary has a strobing, highlighting product on the market.  There are some gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, shimmering highlighting products that will have your skin glowing to the 100th power!

I am experimenting with this makeup technique in attempts to perfect it on me by going through the trial and error process as I prepare to use these different techniques on my clients. I have been playing with various products to see the different effects.  What happens when you layer the cream and then the powder? What effect do you get with different color and glow combinations? What brushes give the best or worst application?  As I go through this process, I created this makeup look I call the “Autumn Strobe.” It’s a shimmery rust, copper toned smokey eyeshadow look, with contour, the #TMBStrobe effect and peach/coral colored blush and a pale nude pink lip.